In an era where it seems like digital transactions and credit cards are dominating our financial landscape, the idea of bartering might seem like a relic of the past. However, recent trends suggest that both bartering and cash-based societies are experiencing a resurgence. From local communities to global economies, there’s a growing interest in alternative forms of exchange.

As recently published in this Article entitled Cash Out Day: Cash Activists withdrew half a million dollars from Australian Banks and ATM’S. This demonstrates the voice of the people which is what we are very passionate about in our community, Worldwide Awake Business Network.

But why the sudden revival?

Let’s delve into the reasons behind this resurgence and explore the benefits of embracing bartering alongside traditional cash transactions.

COMMUNITY – Bartering fosters a sense of community.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Creativity

Bartering inspires the entrepreneurial spirit and creativity within us.  Our platform at Worldwide Awake Business Network provides a chance for individuals to showcase their skills and talents outside of traditional market structures.

Whether it’s exchanging expertise, offering specialised services, or trading home made goods bartering enables individuals to leverage their unique abilities and passions to meet their needs and desires.


There is a growing awareness in the world of our overconsumption and waste.  Bartering can offer a sustainable alternative.  Also, in the process it can slow us down and make our decisions more thoughtful (swiping a card is all too easy leading to many unnecessary purchases and landfill).

By exchanging goods and services directly, we can make a significant reduction in the carbon footprint whilst minimising unnecessary resource consumption associated with manufacturing and transportation.


In economic times that are uncertain, bartering provides a flexible and adaptable means of exchange.  Traditional currency is subject to inflation and exchange rates that fluctuate. The flexibility that bartering provides can be very empowering for those that adopt it, especially in times of scarcity.

Bartering provides cost-efficiency for business owners enabling them to acquire goods or services they need without spending cash. This can significantly reduce expenses, which is especially important for smaller businesses or start-ups with limited budgets.

Both parties can fulfill their needs without the financial burden of traditional transactions by exchanging products or services directly.

Bartering preserves our cultural heritage and  is deeply rooted in human history and has been a fundamental aspect of trade for millennia.  The feeling that is generated by engaging in this traditional practice can be very uplifting.

Making an effort to be part of the revival of bartering serves as a reminder of the rich diversity of cultural exchange and trade practices that have shaped human civilization in an increasingly globalised world,

By bypassing traditional financial systems we can start to regain control over our economic transactions and reduce dependency on intermediaries where there is a growing distrust in financial institutions and concerns about security and privacy.

Through the process of bartering, business owners come to understand each other on a person-to-person level, which is what we are all about at Worldwide Awake Business Network where we believe every relationship starts with knowing, liking, and then trusting someone.

This includes understanding each other’s strengths, capabilities and work ethics – all those old-fashioned values that are sadly missing in today’s society all too often.

The expansion of Network and Partnerships through bartering fosters relationships between our businesses, leading to future collaborations and long-term relationships.

These partnerships can open doors for both parties to new markets, customers, and opportunities.

Bartering allows the opportunity for businesses to promote their products or services to a wider audience. Through collaborating with other businesses, companies can showcase their offerings to potential customers who might not have been exposed to them otherwise, expanding their market reach!

Many people are now facing economic hardship.  Bartering can offer a lifeline

by providing access to goods and services that might otherwise be out of reach. Bartering empowers individuals to be able to meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life.

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