Founder of Life Back On Track

Introducing Wayne Brown of Life Back On Track, our esteemed Growth Guru. Wayne is not just dedicated to personal growth; he embodies the essence of becoming the best version of oneself.

His passion extends to empowering others within the Awake community to lead their best lives. Wayne, a driving force behind impromptu opportunities like his Radio Show and Podcast, welcomes you to participate in interviews. Don’t miss out, as seizing these chances will undoubtedly propel both you and your business to new heights. We are truly fortunate to have such a high-calibre individual on our leadership team..

Assisting people in discovering, understanding and removing the conditioning and programming that led them off course so that they can re-align themselves and be congruent with the life that they truly wanted for themselves.

Being misaligned can be identified by certain emotions, behaviours, habits, limiting beliefs, self-sabotage patterns, actions, reactions, beliefs, attitudes and mindsets. Basically, anything that gives you the sensation that something is “not right” within yourself or in your life. This sense of misalignment can impact your health, your relationships, your parenting, your career, your finances, in fact, everything in your life.

Sometimes we get a glimpse that something is off, usually when we have moments of quiet, and we can hear that little voice deep within us.

I suffered misalignment for many years, which led to many challenges in my life. Eventually, I woke up.

Continue learning about Wayne by visiting Wayne’s website.

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