The commitment and collaborative spirit of this remarkable group of business owners are at the heart of what makes WABN a supportive and inclusive network, committed to empowering those affected by mandates.

Lisa affectionately calls each one a “Guru” as it adds an element of fun to what can feel like a very serious world.

These individuals generously volunteer their time and expertise while actively managing their own businesses and our modest membership fees are made possible through their dedication.

Lisa Byfield

GURU of WABN Operations

Leanne Jones

Membership GURU

Colleen Roberts

Awake Promoter GURU

Tania Laubscher

Awake Marketing GURU

Rosemary Hocknell

Brand GURU

Kaytee V

Retreat GURU

Debbie Hogg

Special Events GURU

Wayne Brown

Growth GURU

Learn More about Wayne

Who are we?

Welcome to our movement

From Local Heroes to Global Warriors

Our journey began right in the heart of Perth, Australia, on December 24, 2021, when a group of courageous souls decided they’d had enough. Enough of mandates that didn’t resonate with their core values. Enough of being told what to do with their bodies.

Fast forward to January 1, 2023, and our group has expanded its wings, inviting individuals from every corner of the globe to stand strong together.

Together We Rise: Our Pledge of Unity

1) Power in Unity: We stand hand in hand, committed to supporting each other. Virtual or local, events big or small – we show up, we invite, and we create memories together.

2) Commerce with Compassion: When we need products or services, our first thought is our Courageous Collective companions. We prioritize supporting each other’s businesses and initiatives.

3) Know-How Exchange: We believe knowledge is power. We educate ourselves on each other’s offerings so we can confidently refer business to our newfound friends.

4) Friendships That Count: In this world, friends are the true treasures. We’re here for each other, offering a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen whenever one of us needs it.

5) Gifts That Give Back: We share our unique talents within the community, strengthening our bonds and building a tapestry of skills that uplifts us all.

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