Founder of Luxury Velvet Range

Meet Tania Laubscher, Holistic Life, Business Strategist, Online Business Manager and the Chief Marketing Guru at WABN.

Tania has been AWAKE since she was a teenager working at a Pharmacy after school. She started questioning the efficacy of Pharmaceuticals and thinking there must be a better way. Being raised in poverty, Tania made it her mission to help people be healthy and wealthy.

Pregnant with child number 2 at 23 and unable to take supplements was alarming to her because she thought supplements were good; she intuitively knew she needed supplementation and worried about her baby’s growth and her health because, at the time, there wasn’t anything safe enough to take for pregnant mothers!

A knock at her door was an answer to her worry and prayer. She was introduced to an organic Wholefood drink she could take while pregnant that turned her life around, awakening her to red tape, lies and controls around health and wellness.

Tania started learning about the importance of nutrition, how the body can heal itself, and how doctors were being controlled, leading her to study Naturopathy and while exploring other healing modalities while trying to recover from a violent domestic relationship and child abuse she suffered growing up.

As a young mother with many dreams, she dreamed about creating products that helped women feel better emotionally and physically—taking action lead eventually led to the creation of LUXURY VELVET RANGE, a line of Aromatherapy products for mothers and overworked women.

LVR took her on a journey of learning how to build successful online businesses with Digital Marketing after losing a lot of money paying for services not received; she then made the decision to learn the different skills in Digital Marketing and now is an Online Business Manager sharing business growth strategies with mothers strategies and implementing the strategies for them.

AND… That is why she calls herself a Holistic Life and Business Strategist.

Tania is on a MISSION to empower as many mothers as possible to unlock their potential, boost their confidence, overcome fear, reach their goals and become financially free.

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