Founder of Social Tides

Introducing Rosemary Hocknell, our esteemed Brand Guru. In a world saturated with digital clamour, Rosemary stands as a guiding light, offering invaluable insights to our community members, empowering them to effectively showcase the uniqueness of their businesses.

Rosemary Hocknell founded Social Tides, a marketing studio that helps you digitally anchor your brand.

Rosemary has a BSc degree in Business Management and a Digital Marketing Diploma with more than a decade of marketing experience in the UK and Australia. She is known for her creativity and ability to immerse herself into a brand to embody its values to tell a story online, socially and through keynote speaking.

Rosemary has often been described as a pocket rocket in her career. Her sincere position and warmth to want to help people can be felt. She loves animals but has a huge heart for sausage dogs. Her greatest four-legged companion is her Dachund Joey, who was a rescue.

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