Yoochooz with Maggie

Yoochooz with Maggie Yoochooz with Maggie Yoochooz with Maggie
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Cyberbullying Stops Here.

Cyberbullying stops with Yoochooz

The first Australian app empowering kids to think before they send.

Proactive prevention in action.


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When I initially interviewed Maggie to share with the WABN community about her courageous initiative to confront cyberbullying directly, it was undeniably a bold move on her part. Considering the ease with which young people can access harmful online content, it’s clear that parents must take greater accountability. Maggie has ingeniously provided a way for parents to assume responsibility for their children’s actions.

Observing Maggie’s journey from the beginning, her unwavering determination and visionary approach are truly unmatched and incredibly inspiring. We are exceptionally fortunate to have YooChooz and Maggie featured on the WABN Business Directory. I strongly encourage every parent not only to adopt this solution but also to share it with others, contributing to creating a safer online environment for all.


Maggie’s drive and vision for the Yoochooz app and its applications are truly astounding. This app is a must-have for all parents who have digitally aware young teens.
The Yoochooz app is a groundbreaking Australian app that empowers kids to combat cyberbullying. With an intuitive interface and educational tools, it promotes online safety and responsible digital behaviour. It fosters open communication between parents and children, allowing for monitoring and reporting of online activities.

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