Soulbirth with Faye Suzanne

Soulbirth with Faye Suzanne

Midwife for the New Humanity, Baby Whisperer, Energy Intuitive, Light Worker, Natural Therapist, Feng Shui Consultant & Brand Partner for LumiVitae Liquid Light Vessels.

As a new paradigm is birthed on earth, humanity is being called to raise its consciousness and attune to the higher frequencies of Love & Light. It’s time to release the old patterns of fear and trauma to step more fully into an expanded version of ourselves, aligned with our Soul purpose.

‘Soulbirth™’ was first created in 2005 following the births of my 4 children which took me on a deeply spiritual journey that continues to this day. I became aware of the ‘Sacred journey of the Soul’ as it entered physicality and how the Soul chooses everything. This changed my life/perception as a woman, as a mother and as a Midwife. I began working with women and couples, helping them achieve ‘Conscious Conception’, enjoy a peaceful pregnancy, communicate with their unborn child, heal any previous trauma, and create a sacred birth experience. My own 4 children (now all amazing adults) and 5 grandchildren, have all been my greatest teachers. I have now retired from my 35-year Midwifery career; however I support all of the above through my business.

Now as a ‘Midwife for The New Humanity’…I am passionate about helping others to ‘re-birth’ themselves into the new paradigm, reconnect them with their higher purpose and help upload the frequencies of Love and Light to individuals and the planet. Offering:

1:1 Consultations for Soul-led coaching &/or healing
Communicating with your unborn child
Soulbirth™ Program for Conscious Conception, Pregnancy & Birth
Soul to Sole Reflexology
Soul Nourishment Sessions
Feng Shui, Geomancy & Space Clearing
Online & in-person Masterclasses, Workshops and Courses

If you’re ready to release the old and upgrade to the new frequencies, whether you are a future parent, a worn-out parent, or a conscious changemaker…please contact me so we can chat about your journey so far and where you would like to go.

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