Social Tides with Rosemary

Social Tides with Rosemary
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In a sea of noise and metrics, showing up and standing out from your competitors is more important than ever. At Social Tides, we ensure our clients take their customers on a journey that emotionally connects their audience and catapults them way ahead of their competition. Our focus is to make you the hero, to create engaging content that people are keen to share and talk about. It is no secret that emotion drives our buying behaviour, which is why all the content we create for you creates desire and trust.
Social technologies are connecting people globally and are integrating the age-old art of developing relationships. More than 4 billion people use social media each day and the way you craft your message will determine how many of those take notice of you. Our skills in social storytelling will help you get noticed and create meaningful, long-lasting relationships that increase your growth and revenue.


About Us

Social Tides is a marketing studio, we specialise in capturing your ideal client’s attention, so they want to dive headfirst into your sales funnel.
We work with established service-based businesses that want to stand out in a cluttered virtual environment through engaging storytelling. We help you anchor your brand and navigate the rough seas of brand awareness, by creating a digital and social footprint that is remembered for the right reasons.
To experience growth, you must know when to lift your anchor and throttle forward in order to take your marketing to new depths. We are the lighthouse that illuminates your social media marketing, so you don’t get washed up on the rocks of poor engagement.




BusinessPLUS with Lisa

In the new business world in which we live with constant noise and metrics, WABN is truly grateful for the peace of mind that Rosemary from Social Tides brings to our social media management.

Her dedication to handling our daily postings has significantly lightened the load for our admin team.

Rosemary’s professionalism and caring approach, combined with her punctuality in meeting deadlines, have made her an invaluable asset to our operations.

Thank you, Social Tides, for delivering exceptional service and for being YOU! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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