LIFEWAVE Brand Partner Elvira Jersky

LIFEWAVE Brand Partner Elvira Jersky LIFEWAVE Brand Partner Elvira Jersky
Awake Business.
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Driven by innovation and proven by science,

LifeWave products are backed by world-class independent clinical studies and protected by patents – all confirming the effectiveness of phototherapy and our unmatched wellness solutions.

This means you get the most effective products available.


BusinessPLUS with Lisa

Elvira is an absolute gem of a lady, often described as a pocket rocket, and meeting her will undoubtedly reveal why.

Our paths crossed at an Awake business event during the midst of lockdowns, introduced by a mutual friend. Instantly, a connection formed, and since then, we’ve become steadfast friends. I also appreciate her consideration to always keep us updated.

As a significant member of our WABN network, Elvira exudes tremendous passion in every endeavour she undertakes. The growing momentum in her new business venture stands as a testament to her genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.


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