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There are many things that come with a manual so you can make sense of how to operate it and deal with the scenario of when it doesn’t work as it should. Sadly, life is one of these that comes with no manual whatsoever.

Because of this, Wayne started out his adult life without that manual, as so many do. He attended school and, at one point, learned a trade. After a period of time, he met someone, married them, bought a house together, and then was then raising two healthy, boisterous boys. Then it all fell apart. His wife left after four years, and as many also do, found himself struggling and having far more questions than answers.

He started reading lots of books, from parenting to relationships, from mindset to finances, from health to emotions. He wanted to understand what had gone ‘wrong’, and slowly but surely, he started to get his life together. Or so he thought. He met someone who he felt may give him another chance of getting it right. Nope. What followed was a decade of struggle, stress, conflict, and toxicity.

Finally, he made a decision, walked away, and started all over again, again. He started creating his own processes to understand dating, conflict resolution, parenting, relationships, and more. He started applying his processes, and finally, after nearly two decades, his life was coming together, and soon, his life was lightyears from what he had previously.

Wayne now coaches people on how to date more effectively so they can find the ‘right’ partner for them, have the relationship they’ve always wanted, be a more effective and loving parent, deal with conflict far more efficiently, and start crafting the life they’ve always wanted. His goal is to give people the education he believes we should all have had from day one.

Regardless of where you are in your life, Wayne is proof that if he can turn his life around, then you can as well. He has proven systems that have helped many people achieve and create the life they dream of having. To find out more and to get started, check out his website at http://www.life-on-track.com


BusinessPLUS with Lisa

Despite knowing Wayne for a relatively short period, he has quickly become a trusted confidant.

Introduced by a mutual business colleague to lead a Quiz for our networking community. Wayne’s designed quiz couldn’t be delivered in his usual meet-up groups due to vaccination restrictions at chosen venues in 2022.

I assisted Wayne on that afternoon to run the Quiz, and our immediate connection blossomed into a profound friendship, and Wayne has evolved into an integral part of the WABN leadership team.

His passion, knowledge, and unwavering commitment to helping others achieve their best life are truly impressive and he has more recently started his own radio show too.

I wholeheartedly recommend Wayne as someone worth reaching out to when you’re seeking to realign your life.


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