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What’s keeping you up at night?
Is it the constant head chatter?
Maybe it’s those feelings of not being good enough?
Or wanting more for your life?
Maybe its feeling disconnected in your relationships.
For me I remember getting stuck in anxiety. Replaying the day around and around in my head. What could I have done better? I was not good enough. Feeling sick in the stomach, restless and anxious.
When I look back at my life, I suppressed a lot of emotions. I built a shield around my heart to protect me. That seemed to work until I became a mum. The shield that was so strong could no longer hold in all the emotions brewing inside.







BusinessPLUS with Lisa

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kim Herman for approximately eight years. Our paths first crossed in a health and wellness company, and since then, we’ve maintained a strong friendship while also working together as business colleagues.

Together, we created a Vision Board workshop and contributed to coaching initiatives for the WABN networking group. Throughout our various collaborations, I’ve consistently observed Kim’s professionalism and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend her based on my positive experiences working alongside her.


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