Gezzell Sabina The Solution Alchemist

Gezzell Sabina The Solution Alchemist
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About Gezzell

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With 25 years’ experience in Remedial Therapy and the last 10-15 years developing her deeper connection to source, Gezzell is a conduit for helping others help heal themselves.  


Using a varied range of energy healing modalities, Inner child Healings Chakra Balancing, Past life healings, Soul Retrieval’s, Karmic curse release, Crystal healings she has been able to assist and support clients who have been stuck and searching for something to help bring them back into alignment with source.  

Gezzell is extremely authentic and has a passion to help others open that connection back to self. She shows her clients the beauty and light they seek in the outside world is actually within. She prides herself on creating a safe, nurturing space for healing and to really listen.  
Knowing well that feeling of not fitting in and feeling out of place, Gezzell is here to help where she can and is always learning and expanding on her healing to always go a little deeper for both herself and her clients.
Having first hand experiences with mental health challenges, Gezzell has known the darkness that can sometimes consume you. She has been a victim of vicious bullying, emotional abuse and gone through the dark night of the soul. Knowing all things can and do pass she has made it a priority to find peace in the darkness and learn from the lessons there to teach the soul to not only survive but succeed and grow. Keeping the learnings and releasing what no longer aligns with your higher self. 
Gezzell sees clients worldwide online over Zoom



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