Clarence Ling - Marketlytics/BBX WA

Clarence Ling - Marketlytics/BBX WA

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Clarence Ling grows businesses. He does this through two primary means. He runs Marketlytics and BBX in Western Australia.

Marketlytics is an online pay per click advertising agency which reduces Ad Spend requirements, and boosts revenue quickly with extremely high returns through video marketing. Reduce your long term costs to the advertising platforms and improve your lead flow with quality leads who recognise your brand through video.

We work well with migration and legal industries but we have worked with a wide variety on industries and niches such as coaches, retail, music schools, eCommerce brands. If you need revenue and sales quickly and reliably, contact Marketlytics where we make you stand out with video and obtain disproportionate market share.

Clarence Ling is a Licensee with BBX in Western Australia. BBX is a Business to Business Exchange allowing for barter trading between businesses. This is beyond a direct barter, but trading with a national and international barter network. This private trading network provides at an interest free credit line of least $10,000 to get you started trading.

Marketlytics has a secondary expertise with LinkedIn Outreach. LinkedIn Outreach is direct marketing on LinkedIn where sending direct messages to targeted prospects to create profitable business relationships whether they are a referral partner or end client.

Clarence is very good at profile positioning and messaging and has a connection acceptance rate of 40%, much higher than the industry average of 5%.

Please contact Clarence Ling on 0400 688 215 or email him on His best calendar link is:

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