“My natural inclination has always been to unite people for the greater good.”

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Welcome to our movement

The year 2021 marked a monumental turning point for me. Faced with the global changes unfolding, I took a bold step and chose to embark on a new path as a single woman. This decision involved leaving behind a 30-year relationship, my home, my beloved dog, and even my car. Notably, it was during this same year that I underwent a personal awakening.

To support my younger sister’s decision to walk away from her job as a community support worker for the elderly, we entertained the notion of launching a cleaning business and joined an awake Facebook group. Seeing a gap for virtual connections, I expanded my business activity under the umbrella of BusinessPLUS with Lisa and initiated Awake Perth Business Networking, which swiftly gained momentum.

Ever since my early years, I’ve been fuelled by intense passion and unyielding self-determination. As a classic daydreamer, I would often gaze out of windows, envisioning what the future could hold.

I derive immense joy from uniting people nurturing their talents, and there’s no greater fulfillment for me than witnessing business individuals harmoniously merge their unique, innate gifts and discover how uniquely special they are and how important they are in this world!

Among all the endeavours I’ve pursued throughout my working life, nurturing the growth of WABN from its inception feels to be the most meaningful work I have ever done, and I take this responsibility very seriously and feel spiritually guided on this quest. The support of a dedicated team of business owners, who have now become my cherished friends, has been instrumental in this journey. This will be my legacy.

My message to you
You’ve displayed immense courage in this bewildering world.

You’ve stood unwaveringly for what you know is right, and that’s no small feat.

It hasn’t been easy. In fact, it has meant some of you sacrificed your livelihoods, parted ways with relationships that no longer served you, and confronted discrimination—an unfamiliar territory for many of us.

Looking Ahead:

Being awake can sometimes feel like a weight to bear. However, I firmly believe that it’s our collective responsibility to elevate the positive energy in this world by choosing love over fear, and by extending empathy to those who may not yet comprehend.

Let’s join forces to create a more compassionate world, and let’s continually ask ourselves, “What would love do now?” 

Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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