What is the Worldwide Awake Business Network (WABN)?

Lisa, Founder and Caretaker of WABN

The Worldwide Awake Business Network (WABN) is a global community of “Awake” and forward-thinking businesses and individuals committed to creating a more ethical and socially responsible world. We provide a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate and share knowledge to drive positive change.

Will I get business?

Leanne Jones, Founding Member & Volunteer Membership Guru

This is an important question we often hear. At WABN, we believe in a philosophy that sets us apart. We are, after all, networking done differently. We believe that you need to give before you get.

By becoming a member of our vibrant community, you gain access to a network of potential business opportunities.

However, it’s important to note that success in our group depends on your active participation and contributions.
Building trust, nurturing relationships, and offering value to fellow members are the key ingredients to unlocking the full potential of our network. We provide the platform and support for you to sow the seeds of success. With time and effort, these seeds can grow into fruitful results.
While we can’t guarantee immediate business, we can assure you that our community offers an invaluable collaborative journey. Your commitment and dedication to active participation become the catalyst for success. Together, we can achieve great things!

The A naturally stands for Awake; however, it also has other symbolism. It is the beginning of the alphabet, the starting point for all else to follow. The two legs of the A are as two lines drawn in perspective, meeting on the horizon line. The horizon moves in sync with every step we take, urging us to seek just that little bit more to keep on going. We aspire to the pinnacle of the A, we don’t give up, we look up. The triangular shape, the three in one, has strong spiritual significance, but even at a very earthly level, a table with three legs won’t wobble on uneven ground, but a four-legged table will. The golden band that weaves around the A symbolises the girdle of Gaia – all-encompassing, inclusive, and protective.
We are so grateful to Annie McCarthy, one of our valued foundation members who lovingly created our logo.
Her studies in art and design formed the platform for not only logos but the creation of personalised
mandalas, satisfying a deep spiritual desire for focus and oneness.

Currently, our Membership Directory includes the provision to list businesses from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. As more business owners express interest in joining, we’ll consider adding new countries to meet the demand.

We were formed on 24 Dec 2021 as a local Perth, Australia, Facebook group; on 1 Jan 2023, we became a global

Simply, as a minority group, we needed each other (and continue to need each other) for support and friendship. The weight of isolation and the sting of societal ostracism became harsh realities for us all, and many were affected not only emotionally but financially, some losing their homes. We united to create a haven where people could feel SECURE among peers and form deep connections that have and continue to yield real advantages.

Foundation Members hold a special place within WABN. These are the first 50 businesses that joined our network. They are recognised with a unique badge displayed prominently on our Membership Directory. This badge acknowledges their status as early adopters and their unwavering loyalty to WABN. Foundation Members have played a crucial role in shaping our community and we greatly appreciate their support and commitment to our mission.

Currently, our Membership Directory includes the provision to list businesses from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the USA. As more business owners express interest in joining, we’ll consider adding new countries to meet the demand.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Our Basic Explorer (Membership Package) is free.
However, we offer premium membership options with additional benefits and features. Please visit our “Membership” page for details on the different membership levels and their associated costs.

We encourage an abundance mindset in our community and we have catered for anyone in business. We believe that we value what we invest in.

At the Worldwide Awake Business Network (WABN) we understand the financial challenges that many business owners affected by mandates may face. We wanted to provide an accessible and affordable option for these individuals to join our community and access valuable resources.

Our affordable membership fees are made possible through the dedication of a remarkable group of business owners within our community. These individuals generously volunteer their time and expertise while actively managing their own businesses. Their contributions play a vital role in helping WABN operate efficiently, keep costs down and maintain modest membership fees.

We invite you to get to know these dedicated individuals better by engaging with our vibrant Facebook Community. Their commitment and collaborative spirit are at the heart of what makes WABN a supportive and inclusive network committed to empowering those affected by mandates.

Please read our ABOUT section to understand that we exist to provide support for those who were adversely affected as a result of not complying with the mandates.

Once you’ve determined that you are a likeminded individual and we are the right fit for you and your business, proceed to our MEMBERSHIP page.

On the MEMBERSHIP page, you will find various packages tailored to different needs and preferences. Select the package that best suits your business.
Basic Explorer
Visionary (by invitation only)

Before making a decision, we encourage you to reach out to our Member Support team. They can assist you in exploring the specific challenges you’re facing and help you make the most of your membership. We have a range of resources, networking opportunities and support services that may not have been fully utilised yet, and we’re here to assist you in accessing them effectively.

NOTE: Foundation Members who cancel and decide to come back will not have access to the badge or the special offer they received with their Membership on launching of the Directory.

Monthly memberships can be cancelled at any time. If you want to cancel your membership, you need to let Worldwide Awake Business Network know a month ahead in writing.

Please refer to the Refunds & Returns Policy in our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Visionary Members (by invitation only) may request to be a Sponsor.

Networking with other members is one of the key benefits of WABN membership.
You can connect with fellow members through our Facebook community, online forums, virtual meetings, attend networking events and use our member directory to find businesses with similar goals and interests.

If you have any questions, need assistance, or want to inquire about collaboration opportunities or advertising, please visit the “Contact Us” page on our website. Our team is here to assist you and ensure you have a great experience with WABN.

We run regular virtual meet ups and we will provide moral support whenever we reasonably can, to help you build your own physical community under the realm of WABN.

One of our core values is for members to share their natural gifts to strengthen the community as a whole, and we encourage and support members to actively participate in our initiatives and projects. Please reach out to our team to express your interest and learn about current projects seeking collaborators.

To stay informed about the latest news, events, and updates from WABN, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media platforms.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help you on your journey.

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