Children’s Confidence Coach

Meet Debbi Hogg from The Selfworth Coach, our Special Membership Guru who organises fun events for our community to participate if they choose.

Are you a parent seeking ways to empower your child and equip them with essential life skills? Look no further! Debbie Hogg, an acclaimed award-winning coach, is not only known for transforming adults’ lives but is also dedicated to empowering the next generation. Debbie has developed extraordinary programs specifically designed for parents to deliver to their children, fostering self-worth and positive habits and unlocking their full potential.

With her extensive background in training and coaching, Debbie knows precisely how to make a lasting impact on a child’s life. Her programs are not only effective, they are also engaging, fun, and inspiring, making it effortless for parents to guide their children in learning and growth. From banishing shyness and overcoming schoolyard fears to teaching children how to stand tall, Debbie’s programs offer practical tools to help children thrive in any situation.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to empower your child and shape their future! Connect with Debbie today and discover the amazing programs she has created for parents like you. Prepare to witness the remarkable difference it will make in your child’s life as you guide them through a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

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