Founder of Online Coach Support

Meet Colleen Roberts from Online Coach Support, our Events Promoter Guru, who organises and makes sure the community is aware of all the Events happening within the community.

Colleen volunteers her time to our community to Manage the WABN YouTube Channel (please subscribe).

Colleen provides online coach support in her own business, Online Coach Support, and her focus is on helping small biz owners with Business and Personal/Life Coaching.

“Each of us are unique, and we all have different interests, hobbies, projects and strengths/modalities that make up who we are.”

My main interest and passion is being a life and business coach/mentor/trainer, and I would like to support you as much as I can in this role.

The mission of Online Coach Support is twofold:

(i)To help support and promote small businesses with the techy and marketing aspects of creating an online business and attracting their perfect customers.

(ii)To help clients that want or need support to connect with a coach to help them achieve a personal, life or business goal or positive outcome.

If you would like a free strategy/connection chat, please use my Booking Link to schedule a call.

Here’s to your success!”

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