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The basic explorer subscription has been designed for an Awake business newcomer. You’re just starting to grasp the essentials of your industry and most likely won’t have a functioning website. Although you may not have a clear view of the full path ahead, you are eager to take the first steps toward exploration and discovery.

In summary, a business basic explorer represents the starting point of a journey for an Awake business owner – one that promises growth, learning, and the unfolding of new horizons as you venture further into the business landscape, much like a hiker setting off on a path up a mountain.

Each membership level is designed to cater to different needs and ambitions, ensuring that you can choose the one that aligns best with your business goals. We are here to support you and encourage you to select the one that fits YOUR business best. Each individual business name needs its own Membership in its own right.

Select the plan that fits your business at its current stage best. Each package is designed to inspire a journey of growth and elevation for your business. All Membership Levels are discounted for the first 6 months and will be reviewed as more value is added.



Basic Explorer

AUD $10.50 / mo

20% saving for Annual Subscription of $100PA

Listing in 1 Category on the Website Membership Directory

Display of Phone Number

Display of Email Address

Link to your Facebook Page

Opportunity to attend regular events (Summiteer level have first access to special events)

Pre-Post Approval for your personal profile for Facebook Group (Mountaineer can have page join too)

NOTE: If Image is required please select the next package/s

Basic Explorer Membership Level

  • Can ask for access to join Worldwide Awake Business Network Facebook Group
  • Opportunity to attend events (Note: Summiteer Level has first access to special events)

*** Special Offer to existing participants of WABN to be listed  FREE – Limited Time only***

All foundation members will automatically start at the Mountaineer Level as our thank you and be issued a permanent badge of a FOUNDATION MEMBER (so long as they have an active subscription that has not or does not default); with the option to upgrade to Summiteer should they wish.

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