Worldwide 🌏 Awake Business Network is a global B2B community connecting “Awake” business owners.

Established in 2021 locally in Perth, Australia, at the height of the ‘pandemic’, to provide support for those on the fringes that were adversely affected as a result of being a part of the minority that did not comply with the mandates.  Many of our members say they feel an instant connection with one another.  Kindred spirits.

In the face of scepticism and misunderstanding, we’ve often been accused of callousness, of turning a blind eye to the needs of our fellow humans. But the truth, as we know it, is quite the opposite. Our defiance, our unwavering commitment to forging our own paths, is born from a profound sense of care, empathy, and responsibility.

Many of us had never had to fight for anything in our lifetime, and our world as we knew it was to be changed forever.  New lasting friendships were formed as we had to let go of some of the old ones.  Our new lingo was expressive and emotional and included phrases such as “hold the line,” which in brief meant to stand firm together, despite the turbulence and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

When they ask why we did it, why we chose this path, we answer with conviction, 

“It’s because we cared so much!”

Our actions are not driven by apathy but by a burning desire to make a difference, to chart a course towards a better future.

This is a place where like-minded souls come together, where individuality is celebrated, and where the power of caring, of pushing the boundaries, is harnessed to create meaningful change. Welcome to a community where our refusal to conform is a testament to our boundless compassion and our unshakeable commitment to a brighter world.

Our motto is #NetworkingDoneDifferently and we take pride in our unique approach. Through our journey, we’ve found that awake individuals possess exceptional talents that truly set us apart.

With our unique community of business owners, we have taken the next leap with the WABN Membership Directory. This is our way of making it simple for like-minded business owners to find the products or services they need within our network.

Our community consistently fosters an environment for awake business owners to connect, resulting in shared growth and success.

We understand that people prefer to engage in business with those they have a connection with – people they KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST. With this principle in mind, we’ve designed numerous ways to nurture these essential values of connection. This includes gaining access to our vibrant Facebook Community and being featured in our WABN 🌍 Membership Directory.
🌍 If you are you curious about the winds of change blowing through our world, we invite you to read on.


If you’re tired of being kept in the dark, if you’re yearning for a deeper understanding, then you’re not alone!

Have you ever felt like there’s more to the story than what’s being told?

Picture this: a term that’s not just about opening your eyes in the morning but about opening your mind to a whole new level of consciousness. “Awake” has evolved into a powerful term that signifies being fully alert and aware of what’s happening around us. 

It’s about recognizing the bigger picture, especially when it comes to the actions of big pharma and authorities.

In this era of information, being “Awake” means going beyond the surface, beyond the headlines. It’s about questioning, understanding, and delving into the motivations behind decisions that affect our health and well-being … being a critical thinker. 

Looking beyond the tangible physical universe

Being “Awake” means having the power to resist manipulation. It’s about equipping yourself with knowledge to confidently stand against manipulation without any forceful influence or pressure.

It’s a rallying call for individuals who refuse to be passive bystanders in their own lives.

It’s about unity.

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